Things To Spend Some Pennies On

Do we, dear reader, apprehend the merry jingling of pennies emanating pleasantly from your pockets………?

Psychedelic Raiders_Cosmic Wheels cover

Our 9 track album ‘Cosmic Wheels‘ is now available. It comes in a nice, smart little cardboard digipack coat and costs only 10 of your English pounds sterling, plus a light dusting of shillings to cover postage and packing and having to walk it to the post office to have it weighed, dimensionally scrutinised, stamped and dropped into the postman’s sack. It’s available from us via Discogs or from us RIGHT HERE!:

UK: £12.50       Europe: £13.50       World: £15.00

                                     btn_buynow_SM         btn_buynow_SM           btn_buynow_SM

Please note: all prices include packing and postage.
All albums come direct from us and are brand new.
All transactions are via Paypal.
Europe‘ includes the EU, Russian Federation, Turkey & Switzerland.
World‘ includes USA, Japan, Australia.

Bargain! I’ll have one myself at those extremely attractive prices.

Should you be a terribly, terribly impatient sort of person, or perhaps an up-to-the-nanosecond-hipster, into travlin’ lite without the encumbrance of a physical CD collection, you can also buy ‘Cosmic Wheels‘ as a full-quality digital download from our Bandcamp page for only eight of your famous British pounds.  You won’t get the nice colourful digipack cover though, with its original ’60s artwork………


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