Can’t wait for a physical copy of ‘Cosmic Wheels’ to meander it’s way to you in the Royal Mails….?

If you are groovy and hep and almost up to the nanosecond in all things pertaining to travlin’ lite without such encumbrances as a collection of CDs, you might wish to avail yourself of a whole other way of buying a copy of ‘Cosmic Wheels‘.

We have now made the album available as a full-quality digital download via our Bandcamp page, for a mere £8.00.

And here is the Bandcamp player to demonstrate to you what a lovely album Cosmic Wheels would be to have on your phone / tablet / laptop / desktop etc., etc…….

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A knock at the door. The door opens, a video appears. The door closes……

Everybody – and their dear old mums – likes a nice bit of telly, especially if it’s in black and white, only has one channel, goes off at 10pm and has nicely glowing valves glowing nicely. And everybody loves to be on the telly, waving to their dear old mums. We have brilliant auteur and cineaste, Colin Harrison, to thank for this appearance on the telly by the Psychedelics.
This is us supporting the release of our new album by failing to be all moody and glowering and by playing a song that’s not even on the album. Success guaranteed then…….

As it says in the YouTube publication disclaimer – ‘Warning: this video contains hyperbole, distortions and downright fibs…’

Quite so.

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The new album

The new Psychedelics album ‘Cosmic Wheels’ is now out and about, pumping flesh, slapping backs and surveying buildings with a polythene protractor of indeterminate age.

It looks like this:Psychedelic Raiders_Cosmic Wheels cover

Easy to spot, I think you’ll agree, and readily available (from us) via Discogs right here.

Here’s a segue of four of the tracks; ‘Your Mouth’, ‘Hey Hey’, Everybody’ and ‘Billy Pilgrim’ for your listening pleeezzzure.

You can download the segue for free from Soundcloud.

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The Axeman at the Music At The Crossroads Festival

After a couple of local gigs to bed in some new material, the Psychedelic Raiders next appearance will be at the Hook Norton ‘Music At The Crossroads Festival’ on Saturday, 30th May. We’ll be delivering a 40 minute set of Axeman originals, each garnished with a generous helping of his trademark psychedelic guitar pyrotechnics…….

Psychedelic Raiders Poster-Music-at-the-Crossroads

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fotographia – the Psychedelics in full spate

A few schnapps from a recent gig;

The technicolour Axeman takes it to the edge again……
Ian Staples - the Psychedelic Raiders

Going about their lawful business…..
the Psychedelic Raiders, 14_12_13

Jon Seagroatt - the Psychedelic Raiders

At the psychedelic coalface…..
The Psychedelic Raiders, 14_12_13 2

Jonny 2;
Jon Seagroatt - the Psychedelic Raiders

The Psychedelics in interstellar mode…..
The Psychedelic Raiders 14_12_13 3

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Welcome to the Psychedelic Raiders website

Freshly minted and up-whafted into the ether!

The Axeman cometh:

Ian Staples


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